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As professional locksmiths at LOCKTEC Inc., we always make it a point to advise our clients about the benefits of rekeying their locks from time to time. Homeowners and business owners must have their locks rekeyed if they give their keys to contractors for remodeling or to their assistants to open and lock up the place. While sharing the spare keys with these individuals offers convenience, property owners still need to be cautious. Once the contractor’s job is done, or if the assistant is let go, it is the property owner’s duty to have their locks rekeyed. This will ensure that the security of the premises isn’t compromised.

By rekeying a lock, homeowners and small businesses save money and also avoid the hassles of having to look for new hardware that matches the appearance of their home or business door. Specialized locksmiths like us can even rekey all of the locks of their house or business to be on the same key. That way, it is convenient for the owner and their staff to manage just one key.

At LOCKTEC Inc., we rekey all kinds of locks used for home and business establishments. The process of rekeying a lock is quick and easy for an experienced locksmith and is a highly efficient way to ensure a property is well protected. Similarly, new homeowners may not want to waste time with broken locks or have multiple keys to their home or business. In such a case choosing to rekey a lock is a great idea.

If one still wants to purchase a new lock, they still have the option to, and we can certainly help them with that as well. LOCKTEC Inc. sells a broad range of locks and installs almost every kind of lock hardware. Our residential locks range from $20 to $50, while our commercial locks cost a bit more as they secure larger doors and gates. Besides traditional locks, we also offer an electronic deadbolt keypad, new WiFi locks, and keyless entry systems for added convenience when it comes to protecting the security of premises.

To acquire our latest lock systems, all a client needs to do is reach out to us at LOCKTEC Inc. by giving us a call at (256) 881-9300 or by emailing us at We are a locally owned business that offers a wide variety of residential and commercial locksmith and security system services. We currently serve clients across Huntsville, Madison, Decatur, Athens, Scottsboro, and Arab, Alabama. Our goal is to ensure the safety and satisfaction of our customers by providing professional quality and affordable pricing for our products and services.

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