Access Control System Installation and Servicing in Huntsville, AL

Here at LOCKTEC Inc. is leading the industry in small business access control systems making it easier to manage and track the entry of your facility. We use the most advanced access control systems on the market allowing us to provide another layer of security that you can count on. We have electric locks that will secure almost any type of door and allowing entry with the use of a keypad code, a proximity card, or even just waving your phone. We can also provide the ability to unlock and lock doors from anywhere with internet access allowing you to save time and money.

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Some of the many features our access control systems provide are:

  • Limit access to specific times of day
  • Schedule doors to automatically unlock for events
  • Track to location of users in a building
  • Emergency lockdown
  • Auditing door activity.
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We can also integrate alarm systems and camera systems so that all your security systems can be managed from one easy to use software. At LOCKTEC Inc., we really are your one stop security shop.

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