A Going Out Of Town Security Checklist

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Safeguarding your property while you are on vacation or away from your premises can be quite stressful. However, with a few security measures and the right preparation, you can reduce your chances of a break-in and keep your home and valuables protected at all times. As experts in security systems, LOCKTEC Inc. has created this handy checklist to ensure you enjoy your time away from home. 

1. Don’t post your trip on social media
Posting trips on social media lets everyone know that your home will be empty. So, wait until you are back from your trip to post those beautiful beach pictures.

2. Find a trusted friend or family member to watch over things
Having a friend or family member stop by your home every day while you’re gone can be very beneficial. Having them bring the mail and the newspaper inside can prevent it from piling up and showing a passerby that you haven’t been home in a while.

3. Clean up around the outside of your home
Trimming bushes and tree limbs can keep burglars from being able to hide from your neighbors. Also, it is good to put away ladders and yard tools to prevent burglars from using them to break into your home.

4. Check that all your windows are locked
Go through your house and check all the windows to make sure all the windows are locked and that the locks are working properly. If one is broken, try to get a handyman to fix it before you leave.

5. Make sure you have a spare key or a keypad code for your house sitter
If you have a keypad lock on one of your doors, make sure and program a separate code for your house sitter. If you don’t have a keypad lock, run over to your local locksmith and get your house key copied for your house sitter.

6. Check that your burglar alarm is functioning properly
If you don’t use your alarm every day, don’t wait until the day you leave to find out that it is not working because it will be almost impossible to get a technician to fix it before you leave.

7. Do a final walkthrough
Right before you leave, walk through your house and check that all the doors and windows are locked one last time.

8. Arm the alarm
Arming the alarm before you leave can provide you with peace of mind knowing that your home is protected.

9. Have a great time
No matter where you’re going or why there are always things to enjoy to make your trip memorable, so enjoy yourself.

If you have any more concerns about the security needed while you are out of town, reach out to LOCKTEC Inc. As a locally owned security company, we provide a full range of security services and products to clients across Huntsville, Madison, Decatur, Athens, Scottsboro, and Arab, Alabama. We also offer 24/7 monitoring of security systems.

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